Keeping in touch…

Having “boat cards” is apparently a thing!

We meet fellow boaters, especially trawler owners, people doing The Great Loop and other amazing trips, or live-aboards, and they offer us their boat cards. Its a thing, apparently, like social cards from days gone by.

Here’s our version – we’ll be handing them out (we’ve got lots!) so we can keep in touch with all of you and with the new friends and acquaintances we meet along our journey.

We hear and read that The Great Loop is a very social trip, which will be very different from our usual cruising along the Maine coast, where we basically hunker down in semi-isolated spots with family and friends on board. This trip should be a step into the boating social life – anticipate “docktails” (cocktails on someone’s boat deck) and dinner gatherings with fellow “Loopers” to share stories and swap boat tales, and we anticipate lots of chatting with people in the locks, docks, and towns we will pass through, gathering their stories.

Hoping to listen and learn about a different slice of America as part of these new experiences.

Now we are carded and (getting) ready, and looking forward to it all.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your blog posts! I love your cards. Did you do the photo?


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