We had the best guest crew this year…maybe you’ll join us next year?

We had 15 visitors aboard Clare between June and September – can you guess:

Who were we blessed to have aboard twice this summer?

Who sang her way through all the locks?

Who had the longest bunk reservation?

Who brought the ship supply of whiskey?

Who had friends and connections all up and down Long Island sound?

Who did we watch shooting stars with?

Who wanted us to go the slowest?

Who came for < 24 hours and gave us the best welcoming home?

Who did we eat lobster with?

Who taught us the most about using binoculars and birding?

We love sharing our boat and the beauty on the water with guests. Thanks for coming! Xo

Categories: 2021, crew, family, Maine


  1. Another successful season of adventures aboard Clare. Looking forward to actual and virtual travel with you again next year! Thanks for the wonderful memories!

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  2. My guesses:
    John K
    Nicki & James
    John & Cindy
    Lia & Ethan
    PT friend
    Candice & Peter


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