Late, but on our way! Trawler Clare 2022

Our spring and early summer had some unexpected glitches requiring our attention. Trawler Clare was essentially ready to go – shiny with new varnish, new painted water lines and bottom paint, rebuilt transmission and new cutlass bearings, and a few upgrades, floating in the water, and partially stocked – when we realized we had to put our trip on hold to assist Karen’s siblings who were in need. Situations are stable now (thank God!) and we are jumping on this window of opportunity to do a significantly modified trip, but thankful none the less to be on the water and traveling.

Nebo, which tracks out journey. Here we go!

Our tentative plan, God willing, is to go a familiar route from Maine to NYC, up the Hudson River, halfway across the Erie Canal (again!), through the Oswego canal, across Lake Ontario, and into the Thousand Islands (NY). Possibly exploring a little of the Trent-Severn canal in Canada if we have time. Not our long awaited (thank you, COVID) trip to Lake Huron/Georgian Bay, but this should set us up for the possibility next year.

Rainbow between the storm fronts that mostly passed us by – a blessing for our departure!

Today was day 1 of the voyage! We hastily packed and added fresh foods, fueled and watered up, and had a final dinner at the mooring in Back Channel/Kittery with Ethan and Lia last night in celebration of Ethan (and Gage’s) 33rd birthday and to send us off. Surprised by a rainbow! Quiet night on the mooring, under an almost full Buck moon, then rose at 5:15 am to catch the favorable seas and current.

Beautiful day to be out on the ocean, especially for a slow, rolly trawler like us. Saw dolphins, a quick glimpse of two whales, and had a convoy of navy training boats (PY boats) cross our bow.

Quiet pleasant passage through the Annisquam canal with beautiful sandy beaches, house barges, sailing clubs, and seaport houses. The fast and furious current channeling through the Blynman draw bridge popped us into Gloucester harbor after pretty big standing waves. A bit exciting for me, but Dean and trawler Clare handled it with ease.

PY Navy boats crossing our bow- 4 total, we crossed the stern of the 1st one.

Annisquam canal

55 nautical miles or 66+ miles, arriving in busy Scituate Harbor in the early afternoon. Scituate says hello to George, Terri, and Liz! Enjoying the beautiful surroundings, the quaint houses, the multitude of boats, and all the comings and goings as we plan tomorrow’s next leg! Early to bed!


Magical photo by Lia Bensley, professional!

Thanks for your patience and, as always, your reading this blog and following our adventures.

~ Karen and Dean

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  1. Beautiful photos, as always! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Wishing you fair winds and following seas. 🙂


  2. What a beautiful day 1 you had. Rest well.


  3. Bon Voyage! Enjoy every minute. I love following your journeys. Sending wishes for gorgeous weather, sights and most importantly shared time together! Love you both. Safe travels❤️


  4. Great weather ro start your voyage. And love readung entry number 1. Looking forwrd to many more updares and potentially joining you.


  5. Hooray! You’re on your way! Love thiinking of the two of you back on the water again. Enjoy!


  6. I love reading your blog. Now that we are selling our boat, my dream of doing the great loop, northern loop, etc. will only be that, a dream. I wish you guys the best on your journey. Tim F


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